A Bulgarian delegation goes to China’s “Bridge for the Future” World Forum

A Bulgarian delegation of young leaders and entrepreneurs headed by the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports – Nikolay Pavlov will take part in the ”Bridge for the Future” world forum, within the form 16+1. The delegation is assembled by the National Association “For the Belt and Road”, Bulgaria and the Association for International Social Development (AISD), which managed to build a sustainable partnership with the organizers from China in the last few editions of the forum. We remind that 2018 edition was held in Bulgaria in 2018, namely on the initiative and hosted by AISD.

“In 2018, AISD adopted its national and international strategies with major mechanisms for the development of youth entrepreneurship, youth leaders’ exchange and international cooperation. The main mechanism of the strategies, called “Academy Entrepreneur”, is already successfully implemented and operates on the territory of Bulgaria. As a result, with our China-All-China Youth Federation, we are launching an exchange program called “Bridge for the Future”, where young leaders and entrepreneurs who have gone through our trainings will visit China. 

It is our honor and pleasure that the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports is the head of the delegation. We expect a very successful participation and a positive development of our negotiations on the launch of the exchange program”, AISD Chairman Vadim Roshmanov said on the occasion of the delegation’s visit. He himself was part of the first forums and managed to impose the participation of the Association and representatives of Bulgaria as a tradition. Already in the second forum in China, he signed a cooperation agreement, which has been a great success to date.

The delegation, which will present Bulgaria to China at this year’s Bridge for the Future, was formed by AISD and left on 03.07.2019. It is made up of young leaders and emerging entrepreneurs in different spheres of public life and business. And here they are:

  • Nikolay Pavlov – Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports;
  • Dimitar Panchev – Deputy Chairman of AMOR Association and Entrepreneur in the Dental Medicine Sector;
  • Veselin Dobrev – coordinator of international activities of AMOR and manager in an international company;
  • Mihail Boychev – Finance Entrepreneur and Representative of the Association “One Way, One Belt”;
  • Nikolay Alexiev – entrepreneur in the field of tourism, agriculture and agriculture;
  • Simeon Todorov – entrepreneur and manager in the field of landscape architecture and landscaping.

Part of the forum will take place in the cities of Shanghai and Ningbo and including meetings with local authorities and discussions on future cooperation between Bulgaria and China to develop young leaders and entrepreneurs from both countries and work in partnership. Delegates will also visit some of China’s largest economic and industrial areas, production plants, distribution and logistics centers.

Information on the delegation’s visit to China will be posted on AISD’s Instagram Account – @ amorbg1, as well as their Facebook page – www.facebook.com/amorbg1 .

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