AISD with a representative in the USA

Today, 01.10.2019, the president of the AISD Association – Vadim Roshmanov, handed a letter of authorization to the American citizen with Bulgarian roots Drago Dimitrov for representation of the organization in the USA, based in New York.

Dimitrov graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Finance and Economics and is a Certified Financial Analyst. He has been working as a professional investment analyst for several years.

“It was on 30.09 in Strasbourg that the hearing of Maria Gabriel before the European Commission for the Commissioner for Innovation and Youth was held. She firmly told representatives of the 28 Member States that the EU is lagging behind the US and China in innovation and technology. Bulgaria is part of the EU, so we are lagging behind. An exchange program in which entrepreneurs from Bulgaria can go to leading universities and companies within one or two weeks and see firsthand how the US tech industry works is a good solution and a sustainable basis for upgrading in the field of innovation and technologies and their use in business, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, ”said Vadim Roshmanov.

The main focus will be to build partnerships between the two countries, using civilian diplomacy methods. A top priority in bilateral relations is the establishment of an exchange program between the two countries through established mechanisms. Digitization will be a priority area for the AISD Association in 2020. The academy is planned to be implemented nationally and internationally and is aimed at young innovators.

“At the moment, the Association for International and Social Development has successfully implemented in several cities the mechanism of its national strategy“ Entrepreneur Academy ”. The next step for the upgrade is to position the Academy on the international stage. I think our partnership with Mr. Dimitrov has huge potential, especially for the international profile of our organization, as the United States has proven over time to be one of the leading technology leaders. “, commented Danail Petrov – association financier and AISD coordinator for US relations.

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