AISD with distinction from Sofia Municipality

Today, 10.09.2019 in Sofia the ceremony of awarding the first of its kind, anniversary awards of the Europe Program to the Sofia Municipality took place.

The Europe Awards were divided into six categories: for a project contributing to the development of civil society; for a project that calls for European good practices; for a project developing civic education and culture; for a project contributing to the socialization of urban spaces; for a socially engaged civic project and for a project promoting entrepreneurship and innovation in the public sector. Special awards were also presented.

The AMOR Association was honored with the award in the category “Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Public Sector”. The award was presented by the Chairman of the Program Board of the Program Europe – Irina Yordanova in the presence of the Mayor of Sofia Municipality – Yordanka Fandakova and as a result of the realized project “How to develop our own business idea – theoretical and practical training for young leaders and entrepreneurs” , which also marked the start of the Entrepreneur Academy in Sofia. The Metropolitan Municipality noted the association’s overall contribution to the development of civil society and supported the national strategy of AMOR, in which the Entrepreneur Academy is the main mechanism. The strategy has a 10-year plan and aims to cover a large part of the regional cities and small settlements.

The award was attended by members of the Board of Directors of the Association: Vadim Roshmanov – Chairman, Dimitar Panchev – Deputy Chairman, Ivan Stankov – National Coordinator, Veselin Dobrev – Coordinator of the Distinguished Project, as well as partners from the Center for Training and Training Companies at the Ministry of Education and Science. The event was also attended by participants who passed through the Entrepreneur Academy in Sofia, who were also the initiators of the Association’s nomination.

All projects implemented under the Europe Program since 2009 have competed for the awards.

From 2009 to 2019, 999 project proposals were submitted under the Europe Program, 351 projects were implemented, 528 non-governmental organizations were supported. More than 480,000 Sofia citizens have been involved as indirect beneficiaries in Europe Program events and project activities. For these ten years, the Europe program has gained notoriety and recognition among the civic sector, it has been nominated for European Innovation in Policy awards, and the Council of Europe has declared it a good European practice.

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