National Strategy of AISD

Official presentation of the Association

Our main goals:

To work and promote the development and validation of spiritual values, good practices in the development of civil society, education, culture, physical culture, information technologies; Educational and cultural integration of pupils, parents and their children into all social groups in our society; Encourages entrepreneurship and develops entrepreneurial skills in society; Encourages cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign organizations in order to exchange experience in the field of education, culture, social activities and stimulates the dialogue between different social groups; Helps to develop the interests and needs of society and the various social groups in the fields of technology, culture, sport and others; It helps to understand the diversity of the common European culture and the common European values; Supporting the creation and implementation of educational programs; To participate in the development of local, regional and national strategies in all spheres of public life; To develop and support youth activities, initiatives, projects. Raise the qualifications of the different groups in our society and encourage them to achieve better achievements; Participation in projects and programs for financing from European and other donor (donor) programs and funds, Bulgarian state funds, programs of foreign governments and other financing institutions related to the activity aimed at achieving the goals of the Association.


Chairman, branch of Burgas


Chairman, branch of Varna


Chairman, branch of Stara Zagora


Representative in Vratsa

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