Vadim Roshmanov was admitted to the Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples

“The invitation to be here today among you is a great honor for me and the organizations I represent. I congratulate all people, organizations and businesses who unite and set an example of good relationships! The strategic move of the Assembly is that it includes and enables the new generation to develop and partner. I have specific suggestions that we have discussed with the leadership of the Assembly and they coincide with the goal of this united community! I proposed to hold an Eurasian Forum of Young Scientists here in Bulgaria and this was supported unanimously. Thank you for the trust! “, Were part of the words of the Chairman of the AISD Association – Vadim Roshmanov, who follows a postgraduate course in” International Political Relations and Regional Policy “at the Russian Druzhba of the People (RUDN), Moscow.

The Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples aims to become a platform for uniting the efforts of NGOs and business communities in the development of integration processes, consolidating the ideas for peacekeeping and strengthening good neighborly and business relations; for the further development of the core activities of the established International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations as an important tool of public diplomacy and strengthening its role in the formation of a multipolar world.

Main tools:

  • awareness of interdependence;
  • peacekeeping dialogue;
  • development of public diplomacy;
  • integration processes;
  • approving inter-ethnic Eurasian communication;
  • humanitarian cooperation.

Members of the Assembly of the Eurasian Peoples have common goals and aspirations: to make the world stable without wars, violence and suffering; shared responsibility for history – to preserve the achievements of the predecessors; Responsibility to the future – to preserve the ethno-cultural identity of all nations, to spiritual and moral ideals and to transfer social experience to future generations.

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